Proof of the Ya Know phenomenon. Observe:

"Yeah, we just haven't got the Lowe's Chevrolet working the way we need to today. Ya know, we've been tight, we've been loose, we've been all over the place. We just can't quite get the combination right. Ya know, we're runnin' decent - that's good for the Racin' for a Reason cause, ya know, that we got on there right now this week. But, ya know, bad pit stall, we're having trouble getting in and out of the pits and, ya know, that's just part of it. Dover's pretty tight on pit road - I hope that, ya know, for safety and for convenience and for all the competitors they knock these walls down and widen it out a little bit. But, uh, ya know, we're gonna keep digging, we're gonna see if we can get us a Top Five. You never know, you can't count us out for a win, you know that."

Total interview time: 22 seconds

Total "ya know"'s (including variations): 8

Average "ya know" ratio: approximately 3 seconds

Ya know, the funny thing is...we midwesterners don't even know we're saying ya know. And we say it a lot. Ya know?