What *Would* Chad Do?

Marissa: I'm thinking of starting a new line of jewelry and bumper stickers. Today I had to deal with a patron who got in my face about a book we had in our collection that she didn't agree with. I, in my *newly promoted* Assistant Director voice had to nicely explain that librarians live by the moniker "If I haven't offended you with something in this collection, I haven't done my job." She continued to be pissy to my smiling face and suddenly I thought to myself...What Would Chad Do?
Marissa: I'm thinking WWCD bracelets would be mighty popular around the track. Thoughts?
Denise: *laughs* Oh my god
Denise: I'd definitely sport my WWCD bracelet :D
Marissa: Which begs the question, what WOULD Chad do? And more importantly, does Chad visit his neighborhood library regularly? ;)
Denise: Perhaps they would catch on in the library. And I could see what I could do at the Federal Building ;)
Marissa: *giggles like a big nerd*
Marissa: Hey, all the gals at work have seen the ways of His Chadliness. I could wrack up a few sales there.
Marissa: Would your security guards at the building go for it?
Denise: oh yeah. I think they'd do anything for me *laughs*
Marissa: Because you are Denise. :D
Denise: I'd make them wear them :D
Marissa: You have a power all your own. :D
Denise: I do. Comes with the red hair. It's a witch thing ;)
Marissa: I merely have a loud laugh and my four inch heeled boots with which to look like a badass librarian. *laughs*
Denise: :)) Well, we are the same in the one respect. I have such a loud laugh too. People often comment on it being like the Julia Roberts laugh in "Pretty Woman".
Marissa: My friends once told me if I'm ever lost in a crowd, just start laughing. They'd find me. *laughs*
Denise: :D I love it!!
Marissa: God, wait until we get together for that ATL spring race. We'll terrify onlookers. :-D
Denise: I know! It might be quite the ruckus
Marissa: Throw Carrie in the mix, and the crowd around us is screwed.
Denise: You bet!! WHee! I can't wait!
Denise: I put my leave slip in, by the way. :D
Marissa: I'm pulling rank to go to ATL. Another gal asked off, but I'm higher on the pecking order. I felt bad, but then again, I reallyreallyreally wanna go to the race. :-D
Denise: Yeah...I just keep checking flights. I'd prefer to only have to take off and land once *laughs* You know my fear....
Marissa: I do. You're being very brave for the sake of The Corrupted. :-D
Marissa: And for The Chad. *laughs*
Denise: And The Chad.
Denise: *laughs* GMTA
Marissa: Think we should warn him before race weekend?
Marissa: After the ruckus you raised in KC, might be a good idea. *laughs*
Denise: Things we're willling to do for The Chad. De WILL conquer her fear of flying....
Denise: *laughs* no kidding. I'm sure he thought me insane
Marissa: Marissa will be a hardass with teenies and stalkerish types.
Marissa: Nah. He still wants your autograph. ;)
Marissa: Carrie will learn to love Robby less than The Chad. For that weekend, anyway. ;)
Denise: See? If nothing else, I gotta get my autograph to him somehow....might as well be in Atlanta. Kinda a bonus for tackling my fear of flight *laughs*
Marissa: "Here, Chad. I flew all the way from KC to give you this, despite my paralyzing fear of flight. Hope you dig it."
Marissa: *Chad stares at the paper in his hands and the scrawled writing*
Marissa: "Uh. Thanks."
Marissa: *turns and runs like hell*
Denise: *laughs*
Denise: wait *pouts*
Denise: I'm.Not.Scary.
Denise: *laughs*
Marissa: Sure. Say that now. ;)
Marissa: Kidding, kidding! You are not scary. Usually. ;)
Denise: :)
Marissa: So, back to those WWCD bracelets...