Around the World With Chad Knaus...

Now, we see Chad at every track every week.

When we're lucky, we see him elsewhere, but those times are few and far between.

(examples: on the beach for CMT, in the studio for INC)

In the hopes of helping Chad's scheduling department (we're sure he has one somewhere), The Corrupted would like to make some future "appearance" suggestions, either for the regular season, or the offseason. We're flexible.

The Eiffel Tower is lovely in spring.

Mount Everest in the winter would be...challenging.

Times Square is a good time...especially immediately following the racing season. ;-)

Roller coasters are great fun.

*Nsync concerts are always a great show.

Or, there's always De's front door.

Need more suggestions? Have your people contact our people...we'll come up with more. ;-)