Why Chad Knaus? Must you ask?

This page exists because we think Chad Knaus kicks ass.

Funny, smart as hell, cute as a button and clearly doing something
right in getting Jimmie Johnson to the top of the grid week in and
out week out.

But...The Chad gets no love. No fansites, no galleries, nothing.

Hot crew chiefs need love too!

Disclaimer: I'm not Chad, I don't know Chad personally, and I can't get in touch with Chad for you. But thanks for thinking I'm that cool.

The Corrupted reserve the right to accept or refuse any Ask Chad submissions. Just because we can.

So who the hell are you freaks who call yourselves The Corrupted?

Marissa is the webmistress of the site and digs Chad's voice and sense of humour above all else. She loves being a librarian, writing fanfic, dancing, talking to her girls on IM, Prague, eating pizza and all things Jimmie, Jeff, Jamie, and C/Kasey. And The Chad. Yay!

Denise is the other partner in crime on the Chad love. She's the only one who's met him, and heard that rockin' good voice in person. Wench. For Denise, it's all about the Chad and Jimmie love and she enjoys spending time with her hubby and her online pals. Nascar and Colts football are the bestest ways to spend a Sunday afternoon for De.

Carrie is the third member of The Corrupted. Carrie is a new devotee to The Chad, having listened to Marissa and Denise's incessant ramblings about His Chadliness one time too many. Carrie enjoys reading fanfic, writing fanfic, NASCAR racing, NY Mets baseball and hiding from the men in white coats. Her favorite drivers are Robby Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Steve Park and Ward Burton. She also has special love for all things RCR and Bootie Barker.

Why this site, Marissa?

This site idea came to me after a lengthy IM about the wonders of Chad with my girl Carrie. Add to that a healthy dose of Chad love from Denise, and I had the making for a site. I did a Google search, only to discover the cutest Crew Chief in WC had no fansites. Thus, this page. Chad, thanks for being such a sport about the site. Really. :-)

Website was created using Dreamweaver, and graphics using Photoshop. Bio was pulled from JG's official site, and pictures were found in various places on the internet. All were used without permission, but with no malicious intent or commercial profit intended.

I'm not Chad, I don't know Chad, and I can't get in touch with Chad. Because trust me, if I could, I'd be callin' him up to see if he wanted to grab a beer. He just seems like that kind of guy.