Below is our original Thanksgiving message to his Chadliness.

We at Cheesin' Chadwick recently received an update on Chad's Turkey Day.

Excerpted from

With a vacation filled with coral caves and reefs, ship wrecks and marine life I’m sure race cars were still on the minds of this crew Chad also went on to tell me that he also had a very untraditional thanksgiving dinner which included some Mahi Mahi, Cornish Hens, Rice, and Veggies.

*The Corrupted raise a collective eyebrow*

Cornish Hens, huh? ;-)


A Thanksgiving Message from The Corrupted to his Chadliness...

Excerpted from Track Record, The Magazine for Members of Team Lowe's Racing

"Meanwhile, Team Lowe's crew chief Chad Knaus says his holidays consist of hard work
at the Hendrick Motorsports Complex in Charlotte, NC.

'I've never really been a big holiday person - I've always been focused on what I love
to do, and that's racing.' Knaus says. 'I can remember working on Thanksgiving Day when
I was a crew member for Ray Evernham and the 24 team. I was the only person in
the shop that day, and I was hanging a fender on a race car. That's just the way I've
always approached holidays.'"

Dude. That is just sad.

We know you're dedicated, that you're a racing badass, and that nothing is more important to you.

But still, sometimes you gotta take a day off, eat big food and watch the Cowboys lose.

It's the American way.

Even if you don't make it home to Illinois this year, at least let us Fed Ex you a turkey.

Or just a Cornish game hen or something.

Our treat. :-)