Excerpted from this article, with our colorful commentary added...

Q: Do you have a favorite track, a lot of people just love Bristol, how do you feel about it?

A: I like this track a lot, and we usually do really good. It is a very competitive track. We have had a good bit of difficulty qualifying , but we race well. Jimmie is a great driver and we've had good success here, but success and fun are two different things. So if I was going to go to a track just to have fun, it might be a different track.

Denise: Yeah, Fun and Bristol probably don't occur in the same sentence for Crew Chiefs. Now for FANS? That's an entirely different thing...Bristol RULES!

Marissa: Even better when our boys stay outta trouble. ;-)

Q: Do you take your family and if so what do you do for fun?

A: I don't take any of my family or friends anywhere, really. This for the simple fact that I don't go to their offices and watch them work all day. To me it is work. But if someone in my family wants to come to watch the race, I'll help get them tickets or something. But really it is all work for me and I don't really do much of anything fun. When I leave the racetrack I usually just lock myself up in the hotel room and look over all my notes for the weekend. I focus on the racecar and the race coming up, and I'm not really interested in going out and partying.

Denise: Aww, The Chad is so dedicated! But dude? If you ever want to come to my office and watch me work, I'd let ya. And my job is quite entertaining...you may enjoy it!!

Marissa: Hear, hear! How about one of those "take your friends to work" days? When we were little and we'd get to job shadow? How about this...we come to the track and follow you around, party on your behalf, look at notes and then you can come to the library and deal with patrons asking about how to recycle copper in their garage and trying to buy books about atheism or sex without having people picket outside the library. ;-)

Q: Do you have a fun story to tell about your time at this track?

A: Not a really funny story. I do think it is a unique track and I get so wound up with the race, and I want to be on top of it, so I don't do many fun things.

Denise: I bet he surely has at least ONE, but he just didn't want to share for fear that The Corrupted would get wind of it.... LOL

Marissa: And if he doesn't, I bet the crew does. ;-)

Q: What did you race prior to Winston Cup?

A: We ran a lot of the Winston Racing Series tracks like those in Rockford, Ill., Missouri, and LaCrosse Wisconsin. We ran a lot in what was called the Great Northern Region. We won a championship back then. Then a lot of racing in the Midwest with the ARCA and ASA Series

Denise: AAH...Missouri. Yes. Let's say it again...Chad visited Missouri. *big grin* Wait. I didn't live in Missouri then. LOL Never mind....

Marissa: I can't help but notice that Indiana was too good for Chad. Even though Tony Stewart, Tony Raines, Jeff Gordon and those boys raced at my home dirt track. Hrmph. ;-)