Welcome to Caption This!, Old School (well, 2002) Style...

We can't actually caption this, except to say...

Awwwwww! Is that not the cutest pair of boys on the planet?

Ah, the half-hero. Back in the day before Chad patented his Superhero pose, which later swept through his entire team.

We're heartened to see that Hendrick allowed for the budget increase to let Chad to step up from this rinky-dink notepad to the full size clipboard.

Chad: "Listen, Jeff, I know you're supposed to be a trendsetter and everything, but I heard from my fashionista girls at Cheesin' Chadwick, and they wanted me to tell you that hat is mufugly. Mine, on the other hand, is apparently the height of sophistication. Take note."

Clearly, a run in with the Sun-In went hideously awry. Chad, seriously..we like the au naturel look better. ;-)

Chad ponders the wisdom of hiring guys who look like sophomores in high school, thus making him look older than his 32 years.

"Don't worry, my man, I can call the race without even looking. Besides, the chicks dig me, and that's truly what's important in this world."