You know it's time to go to bed when you start having conversations like this...

Marissa: Speaking of, did you see Chad during the National Anthem today?
Denise: YES!
Marissa: What the hell was he doing during the anthem??
Denise: I was like DUDE! Don't WORK during the anthem!
Marissa: Can't stand still, I swear.
Denise: Perhaps he's not patriotic much.
Denise: He's just such a busy guy.
Denise: But I couldn't believe he was fiddling with hoses or whatever during the National Anthem.
Marissa: No Thanksgiving, no anthem. Do you think perhaps Chad is only masquerading as an American? Maybe he's a spy!
Denise: *laughs*
Denise: He looks like a spy....
Denise: not!
Marissa: You don't think he has the sinister, James Bond thing going?
Marissa: Yeah, me neither.
Denise: Perhaps he's Canadian.
Denise: I don't know where in the hell that came from. *grins*
Marissa: And was kidnapped and taken to the Midwest as a boy, where he was raised to believe in apple pie, but could never quite get on board.
Denise: *laughs*
Marissa: I think I'm definitely overtired.
Denise: Maybe an ancestor was hurt by a Pilgrim and thus he boycotts Turkey day
Marissa: What happened? The Pilgrim kicked the crap out of grandaddy Knaus in a fight over a sweet potato casserole or something?
Marissa: *tries really hard not to laugh so loud she wakes up her neighbors*
Denise: Or was pushed overboard on the Mayflower
Marissa: *wakes up her neighbor after all*
Denise: I think we've lost it.
Marissa: And in a few hours, we're going to be helping library patrons and innocent government workers. Go us!