Well, it seems Chad got our message from the last update...

Denise: You may have seen it already.....pics up at lowesracing.com
Marissa: Wow! Those were up in a hurry! *runs to look*
Marissa: Dude. They have forsaken the Chad again. Except for the one pic of him with the trusty clipboard.

Denise: LOL the trusty clipboard
Denise: he needs to stand in the line of the cameras more. I swear he's hiding out. We.Need.Chad.Pics.Now.Dammit!
Marissa: *laughs*
Denise: Ask Chad if he's camera-shy, seeing as how Lowesracing.com and JJ.com NEVER have pics of him anymore.
Denise: They best not make me get out there and take more Chad pics. 'Cause I would
Marissa: I know you would. You're just that dedicated.
Marissa: *makes a note to add that to Ask Chad*

Denise: We need that vacation now.
Marissa: I hear Rockingham is lovely this time of year. ;-)

Clearly, Chad got the memo. This must have been his list from last weekend:

Notice only one of those is unchecked. ;-)