Needing Some Inspiration...

Denise: I WANT THIS!!!
Marissa: I like that too. I like the "I *heart* 48" better though.
Denise: i saw that....they stole that idea from our "I *heart* The Corrupted idea
Denise: which, speaking of, Chad still has not produced. *sigh*
Denise: I swear, that man...

Marissa: Speaking of, man, we need to update the site. It's been, like, a month. Slackage.
Marissa: And yet, I'm having a dearth of creative, quirky ideas. It's a trademark, and I'm struggling here....
Denise: understandable. I am having a lack of creative juice myself
Marissa: They should make an inspiration drink. Like Red Bull, but doesn't explode your heart when mixed with vodka.
Denise: it doesn't explode your heart, does it?
Marissa: A bunch of sorority chicks at IU kept ending up in the hospital after mixing the two. Not a good thing.
Marissa: Then again, they probably weighed 12 pounds without makeup.

Denise: really? huh...I thought I knew people that have drank that together
Marissa: Well, it doesn't explode everyone. Just sorority chicks.
Denise: I dislike sorority chicks

Marissa: You know, I don't think listening to The Cure or Nine Inch Nails is helping the creativity. *imagines Trent Reznor on stage and swoons*
Denise: LOL
Marissa: *imagines Robert Smith on stage and swoons*
Marissa: *imagines them together and....*
Marissa: *THUD*
Denise: uh oh *picks you up*
Marissa: *giggles*
Marissa: Mayhaps I can just post that hotness Chad picture and let everyone salivate on that?
Denise: that At least it would be something. And a lovely something at that
Marissa: Rock.On. It's a plan.
Marissa: And maybe part of this IM. ;-)

Notice our discussion of updating lasted about a minute, and our discussion of sorority chicks and Trent Reznor lasted for about 20 times that. Not a good ratio, that...