You know it's been a long week when...

Marissa: I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This week is dragging for me....frickin migraines are killing, man.
Marissa: I need a vacation.
Denise: It's dragging for me too!!
Marissa: Wanna go to Vegas or something?
Denise: Yes. I'm there. I was thinking perhaps Phoenix? You up for it?
Marissa: Ooh. That would be good. But what would we do? ;-)
Denise: Hmm...I don't really know. We could send Chad a note and see if he has any suggestions......
Denise: *laughs*

Marissa: I really need some more material for the site. Think we can Ask Chad to be in the news more?
Denise: Do it!
Marissa: "Yo! Chad! How am I to amuse your fans if you stay offa TV for two weekends in a row??"
Denise: Exactly!
Denise: I was quite disappointed in the fact that there was such an obvious lack of Chad in the media this past week.
Marissa: Thank god for the I Love the 80s marathon. God knows we had nothing else to go on...

Denise: You know? I also don't know why and have no pictures of Chad either. Has he really been at the track?
Marissa: Maybe an imposter has been acting as crew chief the last few weeks?
Marissa: Or the team staged a coup and ousted The Chad as bossman?
Marissa: Or he's in the Bahamas, sucking down Coronas and working on his tan?
Denise: I think we're onto something....perhaps THOSE need to go on the site as well. "CHAD-SPIRACY THEORIES"
Marissa: *laughs out loud*