Email on Pit Road?

Chad recently posted that folks should think about using email on pit road, rather than running up and down pit road to communicate, or punch each other. You know, whichever.

In any case, we've often wondered why teams don't do that now.

Or better yet, instant messaging.

Really, it makes sense. It's immediate, it's easy to use, and can be installed on almost any computer, and it's free and secure.

(Just trying to help, Chad.)

Anyhoo, once we thought about this, we realized this could make for some seriously fun IM conversations between teams. What we can imagine being beamed between teams from Chad...


ManofTan: Hey Baldwin! You been using TaeBo? Nice left hook at the 20 crew member!


ManofTan: Fennig, if you don't get Pencilneck to move out of the way, Jimmie will do it for him!


ManofTan: Yo guys taking four tires on this next stop?

Robster: I'm busy. Go away.

ManofTan: Nice teamwork, buddy!

Robster: Tough love, Chad. ;-)


ManofTan: Hey Borland...any chance I can borrow that formula for calculating gas mileage? You guys seem to cheat the system every week!

ChicksDigMe: Not a chance in hell. Get your own engineering team. ;-)


ManofTan: Hey Eury! My driver could kick your driver's ass!

BudCrewRocks: What did you say, punk??

ManofTan has logged out.

(the classic taunt and run)


ManofTan: Hey Zippy - I got to sign more autographs than you this morning! I knew I had more fans than you!

YouveBeenZippified: Yeah, but all of yours are girls. ;-)

ManofTan: Well, duh!


ManofTan: I want a cool nickname too. How'd your get yours, Slugger?

Slugger: You have to earn it, my friend. You have to *earn* it.


If only THOSE conversations were public like the radio transmissions...*sigh*