A "Caption This!" double feature this week!

Jimmie: "Look into my eyes...you are now under my thrall..."

Chad: "Yes...Master..."

Jimmie: "Okay, now I want a ham and swiss on wheat with mayo, and I want it before the race starts..."

Chad: "Yes...Master..."

Jimmie: "Why are all those chicks over there crying?"


...the season is over.

...we have to wait 90 days until Daytona.

...we don't know if Chad needs a Cornish game hen.

...we don't know how we'll amuse ourselves and update this site with no races every week.

...we don't know if we'll get to see Chad in a tux at the awards banquet.

...the season is over, and we have to wait an entire offseason to watch the 48 crew take first place in the standings.

...we know our instant message convos are only going to get more inane with each passing week, much to the delight of all onlookers.

Yup. That's why.