Operation: Chad!Watch, SpeedWeeks 2004

(all times are MDST: Marissa and Denise Standard Time)

Friday, February 6th:

2:13pm - Chad is all smiles while Jimmie is interviewed before practice. (Teeth were so gleaming white, Mum called to confirm prettiness of teeth)

6:34pm - Chad's hat visible over Jimmie's shoulder while he is interviewed after final practice. (Snaps for the hat fashion)

6:52pm - Shot of Victory Lane champagne bath from 2003. (Excellent champagne technique noted)

Saturday, February 7th:

11:06am - Chad is interviewed by Bob Dillner by the Lowe's hauler. (Revealed that Chad is one-half of the new rap duo, Chad K and Bobby D - watch for the new album to drop in stores soon)

2:27pm - Chad is interviewed (again!) to talk about the 48 team's chances for qualifying. (Chad styled some weatherman knowledge, thus prompting De and Marissa to call him Weatherman!Chad for the rest of the afternoon, when he wasn't being referred to as RapStar!Chad)

6:11pm - Chad is interviewed (yet again!) and reveals how supersmart he is, and how "stoked" he is about the Shootout. Jimmie breaks into the interview and they reveal that Chad is a bad boy (fines!), but they have good chances for the night. (De and Marissa once again change nicknames, now referring to Chad as Surfer!BadBoy!Chad)

Thought to ponder: Does Bob Dillner a) stalk Chad b) have a crush on Chad c) want to be part of the 48 crew with Chad d) is simply following our mind control to interview Chad as much as humanly possible?

7:46pm - Chad's back spotted while talking to Jimmie during the 10-minute break of the Shootout. (Nice to see him wearing his firesuit, unlike the other crew chiefs prancing around in leather coats or sweatshirts)

8:48pm - Chad interviewed (again - but not by Bob Dillner!) about the wrecked Lowe's ride. Highlight of Chad!Watch 2004 thus far: Chad laughing at Jimmie's "blah blah blah" teasing and his use of the word "drilled". (*sigh50982348*) New nickname for the hour: Giggly!Chad.

Sunday, February 8th:


Clearly someone at NBC didn't get the "stalk Chad for interviews and sightings" memo. Hrmph.

Where's Bobby D when you need him?

Tuesday, February 10th:

2:02pm - Shot of Chad looking fly in his white hat behind Bobby D, but no interview. Perhaps Chad told him to stay away?

Thursday, February 12th:

1:48pm - Small interview during the race where Chad talks about the new tires (we like All!Business!Chad!)

Friday, February 13th:

12:27pm - A Chad/JJ interview!! JJ has bedhead and Chad is just...*sigh*

Sunday, February 15th:

10:29am - Chad is interviewed on NASCAR This Morning. Let Daytona begin!

11:39am - Holy Jesus. Chad playing poker in jeans, open necked button down shirt and a bluffing grin. All of Chadwick's fans swoon and find themselves unable to speak for several minutes. When speech is regained, he is known the rest of the day simply as Hot!Chad. :-)