CBN Resolution...

Whereas, Chad Knaus is the man and

Whereas, whenever Chad Knaus is on television, it promises to be an enlightening and entertaining piece of television and

Whereas, Chad seems to be on television a lot, though scheduling is not always known in advance and

Whereas, Chad has many fans who should be alerted to his presence on television as soon as possible.

Therefore, let it be resolved that a proposal be put in place to form the "Chad Broadcasting Network" (hereby referred to as CBN) so that all Chad the Man fans may be alerted to his television presence. CBN will work diligently in the following areas:

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Marissa, De and Carrie
The Corrupted

Amendment: Thanks to Karen, the CBN has an official notification service over at Yahoo Groups - take a second to join so you won't miss a sighting! Thanks Karen!