[brickyard - the photos]

Click on the various thumbnails to view larger photos. These were taking during Quals (the grid photos), Happy Hour (all the garage photos) and Race Day (the family/frontstrech photos). Hold your cursor over the picture for an explanation of what each picture is; additional Chad-Specific comments below...

I'm curious if Chad noticed the goober in the blue tank top on the balcony (uh, that would be me) taking mad pictures of him and wondered "Why the hell is that chick taking pictures of me?" Well, this would be why. *grin*

Note to self: Do not take crummy throw away camera to Qual Day when trying to get quality Chad!Action!Photos.

Wanna use a pic? Email me (theloudlibrarian [at] yahoo.com) to let me know...

The gang's all here...ready for quals... Nothin' manlier than a pink IROC car... Haulers. And stuff.
The first appearance of The Chad! There goes JJ...headin' for Jeffy's garage... Yup, that's Chadwick under the car...
Obligatory shot of JJ's ass Shot of Slugger for Carrie... The Big Red Truck
Super G on the move... Chad. Working. And Stuff. He holds clipboards! He talks on radios! He checks tires! Chad the Multitasker...
Rollout, Baby! Chad working while some obnoxious dude next to me yells at him. I missed a pic of Chad flashing the peace sign... I'm thinkin' I caught an awkward pose here *grin*
Me and Mum Priddis on race day - check those seats! I know. It's a henious picture. I promised Mum I'd put it up. *sigh* Don, the bro-in-law and my partner in crime...
I love the lineup... *sigh* Ready for green - per tradition, Mum and I cried on the green flag... The dreaded pit repair - at least Chad didn't cuss during this stop...
Burnout, Happy! The 48 team doesn't take pride in tire placement after the race like other teams...*giggle* The gang's all here - Don, Mum, Marissa and Shannon
Only my British mother would bring CUCUMBER SANDWICHES to a race!    

What I learned about Cheesin' Chadwick from the Brickyard (I promised the girls I would pay attention!):

*Chad can walk AND chew gum at the same time.

*Chad's raceday shoes are way cooler than his qualifying shoes.

*Chad's a righty.

*Chad walks a lot. He got some serious mileage hiking around the Brickyard.

*Chad will climb under the car before anyone else.

*Chad cussing on the radio is the coolest thing ever.

*Chad is all about the manly "good job, dude" shoulder slap.

*Chad sits like a little kid during the race. First sitting on the chair like a normal person. Then sitting on the back with the feet in the seat. Then kneeling in the seat and facing to one side. Then sitting with his knees under his chin. Then back to sitting on the back of the chair.

Oh, and occasionally he stands up during pit stops and yells and gestures wildly. *giggles*

*Chad only wears a hat walking to the garage after a race.

*Chad is never without the almightly clipboard.