Banquet Redux

Since everyone seems to get a kick out of our inane IM conversations, this is the instant replay of our WC Banquet experience...

Denise: Man...I've done my share of crowd scanning to no avail *laughs*
Denise: But at least he was thanked :)
Denise: he obviously didn't get the checklist. Number 2 he must've forgotten to check off *laughs*
Marissa: *laughs too*
Marissa: Chad did NOT get the checklist in time. We'll have to do better next year. ;)
Denise: Yes we will. He had no idea what he was to do, I guess.
Denise: OR....
Denise: Perhaps he couldn't part with the clipboard. I know those things can hold you back.
Denise: OR....
Denise: He was working hard on the I *heart* marissa, denise and carrie sign and missed his plane.
Marissa: *giggles*
Marissa: Can I go to bed now? I don't really wanna see Kenseth. I'm only watching to keep scanning the crowd. ;)
Denise: I thought that myself
Denise: Damn the Chad anyway *laughs*
Denise: wait, no, I didn't mean that *laughs*
Marissa: I wonder if he's sad he's in NC. maybe he really got snowed in...
Denise: Again? *laughs* I'm not falling for that excuse again
Marissa: You know what? Junior's speech was REALLY good. I expected him to be more nervous. :)
Denise: Chad doesn't want to wear a tux. I'm onto him.
Marissa: He should have worn....
Marissa: say it with me...
Denise: ripped jeans!
Denise: JJ was SOOOO nervous
Denise: I wanted to hold his hand.
Marissa: He *was* nervous. I thought Reege was bad enough...
Marissa: He had on fab shoes though. :)
Marissa: That suit was the deal.
Marissa: I bet Chad would look fab in a suit like that.
Denise: yes ma'am
Marissa: Or ripped jeans. You know. Whichever.
Denise: ;)
Marissa: Do you think Chad is taping the ceremony like we are?
Denise: Probably watching, kicking back with a beer, feet up, working on the I *heart* The Corrupted sign to take to Daytona instead
Marissa: *giggles* Well, as long as it gets some TV time, it doesn't really matter where, does it?
Marissa: As long as *my* name is first. ;)
Denise: hey *giggles*
Marissa: :-P
Denise: I'm kidding...your name SHOULD be first
Marissa: Because I'm the raddest?
Marissa: Note to self: find out if "raddest" is actually a word.
Denise: Perhaps the pit crew shirt for next year should just say "The 48 *hearts* Marissa, Denise and Carrie"
Denise: Yep. Chad--get on that! :)
Marissa: I think that suggestion needs to be made. Yes.
Denise: I should've said "The 48 CREW *hearts* Marissa, Denise and Carrie"
Denise: this is the kind of stuff my mind comes up with at 11:00 at night after working all day *laughs*
Denise: I should stay up late more often ;)
Marissa: True. The number doesn't heart us, but I'm certain Chad, JJ, and company do. Because honestly, who wouldn't? ;)
Denise: Well, that's just a given, right?
Marissa: Absolutely. :D
Marissa: Chad could give a better speech than Robbie is giving.
Marissa: Is that mean to say?
Denise: Oooh yes. *sigh*
Denise: not mean...
Denise: Someday before I die, I WILL see Chad give the winning Crew Chief speech :)
Denise: wait...before I die? Before I'm 30, I say *laughs*
Marissa: Me too. Hopefully before the Cubs win the World Series. ;)
Denise: damn goat anyway
Marissa: Me too. Before 30. Damn, Chad better get on the stick. He's got 2.5 years to make that happen.
Marissa: I say he can do it.
Denise: only 2 years for me.
Marissa: He's that kind of guy. And...
Marissa: He has the clipboard.
Denise: The "magic" clipboard
Denise: Perhaps he keeps a stick of that Polar Ice attached to it?
Marissa: And has a bottle of Evian near by?
Denise: but of course
Marissa: I really like what has done for a new layout.
Denise: New?
Marissa: Different. ;)
Marissa: Either that, or it's my compy...
Denise: It won't open for me. Is that the new thing? *laughs*
Marissa: Yup. Blank white screen.
Marissa: *laughs*
Denise: *laughs too* that is nice
Denise: kinda like an abstract thing.
Marissa: Exactly.
Marissa: Minimalist.
Denise: I see a Chevy Monte Carlo there. And Chad and the clipboard.
Denise: you gotta squint...but it's there ;)
Marissa: Wait...wait...I SEE IT!
Marissa: God, I think we're tired.
Denise: Yes. Tired. And sad for no chad :(
Marissa: That was almost a haiku.
Marissa: Almost. ;)
Denise: *laughs*
Marissa: I hope they aren't scanning the crowd with the camera...I'm so not watching.
Denise: They're not really. I think no one knows what in the hell Jack is talking about *giggles*
Denise: on and on about handicapped cheese and sports or something
Marissa: *falls over laughing*
Marissa: I heard something about the men's restroom in there. *shakes her head*
Denise: I can't stop laughing
Denise: *wipes eyes*
Marissa: About the restroom?
Marissa: I'm sure it's wildly amusing to you in some strange way. ;)
Denise: just his speech and my brain on drugs feeling
Marissa: That must be my problem. I'm watching this sinus-med free and with no alcohol. No wonder this isn't making a lick of sense.
Denise: perhaps Jack is tired too
Denise: See?
Denise: I did have a beer earlier, but it only served to make me tired
Marissa: You party animal. ;)
Denise: I know *laughs*
Marissa: Not that I'm any better. I left *quilting* early to come home and watch this. *giggles*
Denise: *laughs out loud*
Marissa: <~~ queen geek of the universe
Denise: how LONG is this show?? I feel like it's been going on since I was 23 years old
Marissa: At least I got all my X-Mass ;) cards addressed while Bobby thanked his sponsors.
Denise: Did you? I wrapped gifts...I just couldn't get motivated on those cards.
Marissa: I have to mail about 20 to the fam all over the world. We got England, Australia, Czecho, Germany, UAE...maybe JJ would be willing to share some of his honkin' check for postage?
Denise: He was "hanging on" to that check. You should check with him.
Marissa: Even worse, I had to try and remember how to spell "Merry Christmas" in Czech. My grandfather would be ashamed of me...
Marissa: Well, damn.
Denise: whoa
Marissa: Vesele Vanoce, if it comes up in conversation and you want to impress your friends. There are also several accents over the letters, but I don't think IM has that capability.
Denise: :) Excellent
Marissa: Think Matt is going to "light it up" with his fast and furious speaking style?
Denise: *laughs*
Denise: Matt and Katie are so cute
Marissa: Katie's dress is the deal.
Denise: Yes :)
Denise: I liked that JJ talked about the "lot of awful people" thing :))
Denise: Hang on everyone of Jimmie's words and hope he doesn't thank 'a lot of awful people', and that he remembers to THANK
Marissa: Good job, Jimmie!
Denise: perhaps JJ saw the checklist.
Marissa: Glad to know someone *ahem* was reading the checklist.
Denise: and he was fighting Chad for the sign....
Marissa: I'm thinking Chandra put the smackdown on that.
Denise: *laughs* oh you know it
Marissa: Nothing says "I love you" more than carrying around a sign with other chick's names on it. :D
Marissa: Good god, it's time to go to bed. No Chad, no sign, no booze, no point in staying up. ;)