[banquet review 2004]

T minus two days to the banquet:

Denise: I hope they don't have some crap like they did in the past. Was that last year with the trapeze artist thing? :))
Marissa: Two years ago. Last year was *hack* Sheryl Crow. I think.
Denise: That's right....I am starting to remember now.
Marissa: Scott Fucking Stapp is performing. It will be the worst yet. Mark my words.
Denise: :( NO!
Marissa: We will have plenty of site fodder after that. ;)
Denise: who is that??
Marissa: Creed motherfucker.
Denise: :)) OH!!
Denise: uh ho....that *will* suck
Marissa: I hate Creed with a fiery passion. I hate Scott Stapp's Jesus lovin' ass even more. Candy ass long haired motherfucker.
Marissa: I feel strongly on this. :))
Denise: :)) tell me how you really feel :))

T minus one day to the banquet:

Denise: You around?
Denise: OH.MY.GOD. I NEED TRACKPASS. That man is TOOOOOOO hot *sigh4697949848*
Marissa: Someone HAS to download that for us!!!!!!!

T minus 8 hours to the banquet:

Denise: Hey, I'll be around this evening for award talk. It's like "Coffee Talk" from SNL :)) "Award Talk with Marissa and Denise" :))
Marissa: *laughs*
Marissa: I'm off to quilting right now, but I'll be back before 8. It is 8 MDST, right?
Marissa: Oh.My.God.
Marissa: http://www.nascar.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/2004/12/02/cup_banquet/MechanixAward.jpg
Marissa: Talk to ya soon! :X
Denise: Yep...8 pm MDST. OH MY GOD!! THAT PHOTO IS TO DIE FOR!!!! Hurry home, babe!!

T minus 4 minutes to the banquet:

Marissa: I'm reporting in for Chad!Banquet!Watch 2004, ma'am. :D
Marissa: You better be home, missy! ;)
Denise: Here! Here!! :D
Denise: sorry I was almost late! :)) I was sucked into wrapping gifts for my girls! :D
Denise: okay, tape delay? Ugh....it's like watching a Japanese movie
Denise: What is UP with the video/audio problems?? :)) That seems worse than just a tape delay. The broadcaster in me is cringing :))
Denise: CHAD!!!! :D
Marissa: god, the tape delay is awful! I keep expecting to see subtitles at the bottom! :))
Marissa: It was like this last year too...
Denise: It's better now :) Thank god
Denise: Chad had a BRUNETTE with him! I expected a blonde! I consider that a victory :))

Marissa: You know who I hate more than Scott Stapp?
Denise: No one?
Marissa: Nobody. Correct.
Denise: Kurt Busch
Marissa: :))
Marissa: Chad's workin' the tux, though. Very snappy.
Marissa: I can't even bear to watch Scott Stapp. If they show Chad or Jimmie in the crowd, I'm just going to have to miss it.
Marissa: Jimmie and Chandra look great!
Denise: Yes indeed-y!
Marissa: Loved the joke about Jimmie getting to touch the trophy as Jeff gets it. :D
Marissa: Did you hear about Jeffy? Poor guy! :((
Marissa: I guess Casey is going to go to Paris instead.....
Denise: :)) that was funny. Oh I know, poor Jeff!
Denise: You know what? I can't stop thinking that it really *should* be JJ up there at the table. *sigh*
Denise: and why the freak don't they just have Creed there? I mean, they have what, some other band playing with him? :))
Marissa: I know. It's almost physically painful to see Smush up there.
Marissa: Scott broke up with Creed. Creative differences. Personal theory is that his ego wouldn't allow the band inside the door of their studio anymore. Fucker.
Denise: I get the feeling nobody really cares that he is champion :)) I'm so mean.
Denise: He did? I didn't know that!
Denise: I'm out of the Creed loop, apparently
Marissa: Shit, yeah, man. Stapp kicked them to the curb. I rejoiced in their getting away from him.

Denise: :)) Think JJ is at all worried about thanking a lot of awful people? ;)
Denise: Kasey is pretty :D
Denise: eeshk. Why do they use a teleprompter???
Denise: I hope JJ's win after the plane crash wins Most Dramatic Moment...that brings tears to my eyes every time
Denise: Okay, I hate to rag on No-Neck, but he doesn't seem pleased this evening :))
Marissa: I wonder if JJ will joke about it again. I hope it remembers to thank Chad again. :))
Marissa: Kasey is pretty, but the teleprompter is a big no for these guys. They seem so wooden.
Denise: He better...Chad's sitting right there!
Marissa: I know. Me too. I already voted for it....
Marissa: No Neck doesn't seem pleased ANY evening.
Denise: :))
Marissa: marketing award? Is this really necessary to the broadcast?
Denise: No. Hell no!
Denise: Blah, blah, blah
Marissa: Hear that.
Marissa: You know this is going to go on until at least midnight MDST. *yawns*
Marissa: Maybe I better run out and get more Diet Pepsi.
Denise: I know. I'm worried :)) I have been up since 4:15 AM
Marissa: I had to go in to work early this morning. On my DAY OFF. I feel like Chad.
Denise: Why did you have to go in on your day off?
Marissa: JAMMIE!
Denise: :D
Denise: Lurvely
Marissa: We had to return the cooking unit to the high school. We borrowed it for a cooking program at the library last night....
Marissa: I bet Jammie rocks the tux.
Denise: :)) The Librarian: Quest for the Sphere
Denise: Sorry...it was a commercial
Marissa: I'M SO TOTALLY WATCHING THAT! ALA is asking for people to review the movie for accuracy and entertainment. :))
Denise: Oh, you KNOW Jammie will rock the tux. YUMM-Y
Marissa: Noah Wyle is going to prove librarians are cool. I hope. :))
Denise: :)) They are cool
Denise: Well, YOU are at least
Marissa: If not, there are going to be some pissed librarians writing to TNT. We can save the world, man! You gotta watch! ;)
Denise: :)) :))
Marissa: I wonder how Jeff is feeling, seeing this commercial. :(
Marissa: Can you imagine having to get up and give a speech with the death funk? I thought speaking at COTERIE was bad the night I had the death funk coming on.

Denise: I told everyone tonight was a busy night for me so DON'T CALL :))
Marissa: I left quilting early. They were all laughing at me - I was like, "Yo! Chad in a tux!"
Denise: :)) CHAD!!
Marissa: I missed him!! Shit!

Denise: JAMMIE!! :D Missouri...represent!!! Hot, hot, hot. My goal is to meet him. I've conquered The Chad and JJ. He's next! :))
Denise: he is *such* a cutie pie
Marissa: I just wanna take Jammie home, feed him milk and cookies and snuggle. :))
Denise: I know!
Denise: :)) he's silly
Denise: Don't USE the teleprompter dude...you rock without it!
Denise: :)) he's so funny
Denise: that's it. I think I'm gonna have to leave Rich and take Jammie. I think I seriously love him :)) :D
Marissa: I'm in love with Jammie.
Marissa: Jinx!
Marissa: Jammie had the best speech of the evening, I bet. He's so cute. Loved the 7th place comment, and his candor talking about his people. I heart him.
Denise: I know. He's so genuine and loveable and friendly :)

Marissa: The camera loves Chad. I wonder if he slipped the camera guy a $20 to get lots of face time in his tux. :))
Denise: :)) He told us he was going and so he had to make sure we saw him
Denise: How do you know *I* didn't slip the camera guy a $20 to see a lot of Chad? ;)
Marissa: Junior looks shiny.
Marissa: :)) :))
Marissa: Who is this yokel and what is he going on about?
Denise: he looks familiar
Denise: Marissa, you are precious :)
Marissa: Denise, you are precious.
Marissa: *snickers*
Denise: :)) :))
Denise: sorry...it's a solemn thing, but it cracks me up
Marissa: Do you think Jimmie told Chad he was precious? Because I'd pay money to hear that.
Denise: :)) Me too
Marissa: I'm dying for someone to stand up one of these days and be like "Yo, I'm an atheist, and all this God talk is offending me."
Denise: :))
Marissa: Of course, then they get a burning cross in their hotel room later....
Denise: *spits out her water* That cracked me up
Marissa: Sorry. ;)
Denise: s'okay...

Marissa: What do you think they talk about during commercial breaks? Probably not about the adorableness of Jammie, like us.
Denise: *that* is a good question. Perhaps an "Ask Chad" entry?
Denise: Which, by the way, didn't he tell you he was gonna answer those, like a week ago?? What does he think he is...busy?? :))
Marissa: Evidently. It's been several weeks, actually. Prima Donna. ;)
Denise: Geesh ;)

[ Edit: We're just kidding about the prima donna thing. Especially since Chad just answered all our questions the other day. Really. :-) ]

Denise: it is gonna be midnight before they get to JJ
Denise: have you found anyone to get us that Chad video from Nascar.com?? Maybe Carrie??
Denise: "here to present the award for Favorite Crew Chief, the President and Vice President of Cheesin' Chadwick. Proudly spreading the Chad love...the founders of Cheesin' Chadwick, those sexy beasts: Marissa and Denise" :)) :D
Marissa: :)) :)) :))
Marissa: We need to get in touch with the TNT crew for next year to see if we can make that a reality. ;)
Denise: Yep!!

Denise: *sigh* I wish Elliott would cut his hair. Aren't I picky this evening? I have an opinion on EVERYONE! :))
Marissa: I bet E Sad wishes everyone would shut the hell up about bologna.
Marissa: Poor guy. That's the only conversation anyone thinks they can have with him. :))
Denise: :))

Denise: I need to be wrapping XMass gifts. I think here in a little while, I'm gonna drag all my wrapping supplies down here :D
Denise: nah...that sounds like a lot of work :)) Never mind
Marissa: I've been working on a quilt square. Makes me feel like I'm not totally slacking. :))
Marissa: I'm going to throw some laundry in. That's damn near work. Go me!
Denise: I've been doing laundry all night! You can be my laundry-twin!
Marissa: Oh yay.
Marissa: ;)
Marissa: Nothing like being a LAUNDRY twin. ;)
Marissa: Can't we be something cool, like "babelicious twin" or "smarter than Einstein twin"? :)

Marissa: Did you just see smoke?
Marissa: I think Kurt's head was smoking. I'm not kidding.
Marissa: There was SMOKE.

Marissa: Chandra looks really pretty. And so does Jimmie. :)
Marissa: Jay has his moments, I'll admit.
Marissa: But he's no Scott Stapp. ;)
Denise: :))
Denise: I'm not watching No-Neck :)) I'm boycotting
Denise: You know? You think I could get over my animosity. Maybe someday
Denise: he can walk away "smiling"? Huh, uh... :))
Denise: Oops. I just gave it away that I was actually watching No-Neck :">
Marissa: :))
Marissa: Did he just refer to himself in the third person?
Denise: :)) he did. The Ryan did indeed mention himself in the third person
Marissa: Nerd. :))

Marissa: Who's next? Tony?
Denise: I think so!
Marissa: Rock on. :)
Denise: They are really cookin' now....
Marissa: He takes teasing gracefully, that Tony.
Marissa: they are! We might be done by 11:30 now!
Marissa: ;)
Denise: :D QHEE!
Denise: :))

Marissa: Oh god. We still have another musical guest.
Denise: NOOOO
Denise: who?
Marissa: I bet that happens before the top 5....
Denise: *prays for no trapeze artist thing*
Marissa: Brian McImOnlyKnownforBeingFriendswithJustin
Marissa: Brian McKnight. ;)
Denise: :)) :)) JuJu!! :D
Denise: aah...the old Nsync days :))
Marissa: I miss the boys. I was listening to JC's album today. It's okay, but it's no Strings.
Marissa: I miss JC's old hair, mostly.
Denise: Nothing is as good as Strings. That was an awesome thing
Marissa: It was, like, lifechanging. :))
Denise: :)) definitely
Marissa: We're sitting front and center for the reunion tour, man. ;)
Denise: You know it!

Marissa: I love that the ad makes librarians look cool. And a little like Indiana Jones. :))
Denise: I think they are basing it on LFM ;)
Marissa: I wrote the screenplay, I admit. ;)
Denise: I'm glad you are fessing up

Denise: :D
Denise: GOD. JJ is so hot =P~
Marissa: That was cool. That stuff makes me verklempt.
Denise: You know? Do they really need entertainers?
Marissa: No. No entertainers. Gag.
Denise: So, Jeffy isn't there, right? Who is speaking in his place? Robbie?
Denise: I wonder if JJ had won, when Chad did his speech, would he have thanked us? :))
Marissa: I'm guessing Robbie or Hendrick will speak for him.....
Marissa: I'm sure Chad would have thanked us. We were an important part of their success and all. ;)
Denise: :D Yes ma'am

Denise: :)) Was Chad nodding off there??
Marissa: I've decided over the last few years that Chad is an inordinately slow blinker.
Marissa: Or he nods off a lot. ;)
Denise: :)) It really looked like he was having some trouble staying awake. But he's the self-proclaimed Nocturnal one!!!

Denise: :D QHEE! JJ is finally next
Marissa: I wanna give Jammie milk and cookies, but I want to give Jeffy some soup and a hug.
Denise: :) Yeah!
Marissa: Poor guy! He looked ill, but he gave a great speech. :)
Denise: He did...I'm always impressed by Jeff
Marissa: Qhee! JJ next! There's going to be a lot of Chad sitings.
Marissa: Me too. He's a very natural speaker.

Denise: :D Chad...
Denise: Wow. I'm speechless
Denise: JJ did AMAZING!
Marissa: He's the sweetest, sweetest guy. I want to marry Jimmie too.
Denise: I'm crying
Marissa: He didn't look at the teleprompter ONCE! I'm so proud.
Denise: I know!!! :D
Marissa: He thanked the fans. He thanked US. *sniffles*
Denise: :D

Marissa: Should I just turn off the TV and go to bed now?
Denise: I just muted mine :))
Marissa: I'm not sure I can stomach Kurt's speech.
Marissa: :))
Denise: I don't wanna watch any more, honestly
Marissa: Not a bad idea. :D
Denise: I am SO proud of JJ...he didn't even seem nervous. He has been so nervous the past couple of years
Denise: I think having Chad there made all the difference for him
Denise: :D
Denise: As it would for us ;)
Marissa: He was much more at ease this year. I think His Chadliness did make a difference. ;)
Marissa: No shit. :))
Denise: He's beautiful. Honestly.

Marissa: He's truly stunning. And frighteningly tan. :))
Denise: Yes :)) :))
Denise: It is kinda scary

Marissa: *yawns*
Denise: me too....shall we call it a night?
Marissa: I'm so glad they sped through the top ten, or else I'd be dozing on the couch. :))
Denise: :))
Denise: you and me both
Marissa: G'night, Precious Denise!
Marissa: ;)
Denise: Thanks for keeping me entertained through the banquet!!
Marissa: Another banquet made better with running commentary. :D
Marissa: Of course. ;)
Denise: Excellent!! :D G'night, Precious Marissa!! :))