You know there are only 21 days left to the races when you start having convos like this...

Denise: I got my latest TrackRecord magazine.... :)
Marissa: Details!
Denise: They mention Chad a lot it seems.There was a little blurb about him being Crew Chief of the Year last year. And he talks about how he took a vacation by himself early in the year. He said he hasn't seen a lot of JJ in the offseason but they talk on the phone nearly every day :)
Marissa: Wonder where he went. And why we weren't invited.
Denise: Let me type what JJ said about Chad
Marissa: okies. :)
Denise: "...Unless the guy is totally abusing himself and hasn't slept for days, if he's not putting in some award-winning effort, he just doesn't feel like he's trying hard enough" " I think there's a couple of reasons why we're able to overcome, and one is our leader in Chad." :)
Denise: I wish he'd sleep though. Poor guy :(
Marissa: I know. We need to FedEx a carepackage. Tylenol PM for starters...
Marissa: A Cornish game hen to make up for Thanksgiving.
Denise: No kidding
Denise: *giggles*
Denise: And do I need to MAKE the blasted "I heart Marissa, Carrie and Denise" sign? *giggles*
Marissa: *falls over laughing*
Denise: 'cause I have some spare time right now
Marissa: sure as hell aren't going anywhere. Get on that. ;)
Denise: Yes ma'am
Marissa: We could volunteer to, you know, pick out a house for him so he doesn't have to.
Marissa: Since he's so busy...
Denise: Well yes. It's only nice of us.
Marissa: And perhaps drive the Porsche around to make sure it's getting good gas mileage? Just a thought....
Denise: Yeah...I'll let you do that. :) I'm still afraid to get in a vehicle
Marissa: Gee, why is that? ;)
Marissa: I could send him the novels I've written. That will put him to sleep for sure. ;)
Denise: *laughs* stop it
Denise: Surely he has some mundane tasks I could do for him while I sit on my ass for 3 more weeks
Marissa: Hey Chad? Got paperwork? De can sort and staple for cheap!
Denise: Yes. As long as I don't have to write anything. I'm not a very good left-hander
Marissa: That's're the righty. Carrie and I are the wacky liberal-arts-suck-at-math lefties. ;)
Denise: Wait. Lefties suck at math? Then perhaps deep down I AM a lefty
Marissa: *laughs*
Marissa: Or maybe that's just me. I read and write real good, though. ;)
Denise: IS chad? Do we know?
Denise: he probably doesn't suck at math though....
Marissa: A lefty? Surely not. He doesn't have that lefty vibe.
Marissa: Did I tell you I dreamt the other night that Chad came into the library needing calculus books? He decided that he was going to go to college during the off season. *laughs*
Marissa: Since, you know, he has nothing else to do. ;)
Denise: *laughs* nice
Denise: In his spare time
Marissa: Exactly. :)
Denise: that would be the crazy thing he'd do. He's such a busy bee
Marissa: Guaranteeing he'd only see 2 hours of sleep every couple of weeks or so.
Marissa: Or maybe that was just *me* in college....
Denise: Me? I'd be like taking the two months off and never leaving the beach
Marissa: No doubt!